The Karnataka State Chapter of the Association of Surgeons on India was formed in 1982-83 under the chairmanship of Dr. A J Narendran. The constitutions and the bylaws were drafted at that time. During the subsequent years, the association grew in size and the members felt the need to revise the constitution. Accordingly, a committee was set up in 1991-92 and framed the new constitution.


The aims and objectives of the Chapter shall be:

  1. To encourage and advance the study and practice of the science and art of surgery.
  2. To promote social and cultural activities among the Surgeons of the State.
  3. To encourage scientific research and experimental work on surgical problems.
  4. To provide a place where research may be carried out for studying, discovering and improving the means of preventing and curing diseases of mankind by the art of surgery.
  5. To hold scientific discussions and arrange for presentation of papers on surgical subjects and to maintain a reference library.
  6. To provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, meetings and classes for the purpose of directly or indirectly advancing the cause of scientific surgery.
  7. To acquire, construct, alter and maintain any buildings and/or property from the finances of the chapter.
  8. To publish a bulletin devoted to surgical subjects.
  9. To receive donations from any source for the development of the Chapter and collect subscriptions from subjects.
  10. To make Bylaws, rules and regulations of the Chapter and to delete, change or add to the same as and when necessary and the same shall be informed to the Governing body of ASI.

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